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Aiibot T289 Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Affective interaction program.

Cleaning mode:Random Mode / Automatic Mode / Focus Mode
Anti-collision: yes
Anti-Fall: Yes
Cleaning time (min): 40-60min
Charging time (min): 180-300min
Working noise (db): ≤75
Rated Power (W): 18W
Suction power (Pa): 800pa
Obstacle height: ≤15mm
Motor type: DC brush motor

Aiibot v9s Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Cleaning Mode: Scheduled mode/Auto Mode/ Edge Mode/ Spot mode
Cleaning time:90min + 30min auto-return charging
Charging time:240-360min
Battery capacity:Li-ion battery 2600mAh 14.4V
Suction power:1800Pa
Working noise:≤57db
Obstacle capability: ≤15°, climbing ≤ 1.5cm
Volume of dustbin:350ml
Sensor height of anti drop:5-9cm
Adapter Parameter: DC 19V/0.6A
Host Size(D*H):320mm*80mm
Net weight:2.6KG

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Q: what other customer service do you offer?


A: Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

Q: How to schedule the cleaning cycle?


A: Please follow these steps: 1. Open “Huiba” app; 2. go to Contacts; 3. set the robot; 4. schedule; 5. add ON time, OFF time and repeat based on your preference.

Q: Why the robot is priced differently in various e-Commerce platforms?


A: Amazon is the only official e-Commerce platform that carries these two models of Haier Xshuai Robot Vacuums.


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